I want to pick up a skyscraper
Put it in my pocket
Carry it around
All day long, and
Cement it in another city.

I want to breathe in a billion-acre meadow,
Fill my lungs with
Blades of grass, and
10-foot sunflowers, and
Exhale a thunderstorm.

I want to touch the skin
Of all my lovers, all at once,
Light my fingertips like candles,
Drip my unrequited love
Over the beads of our sweat.

I want to scream at the sky,
Throw fistfuls of rocks at “God”,
Thank gravity for keeping me stuck
Weeping on an imploding planet,
Show gratitude for time ending.

I want to swim oceans in my bathtub,
Shower in the waterfalls
Of my hyperactivity, and
Electrify myself
With a toaster.

I want my words to be more than ink,
I want their weight to be heavier
Than my head,
Than a black hole.

I want them to unhinge
Like the jaw of a snake engulfs
A white mouse of surrender.

I want someone to understand the sickening lurch
As the roller-coaster moves 90 degrees upward, and

My stomach leaps from my throat.


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